Use your experiences to help ignite a spark in a child!

If you are in a STEM related field, consider giving some of your time to be the one person who can change a child's outlook on their future and their life. Everyone has something to offer, whether as a project manager, computer programmer, engineer or lab technician. Your life experience coupled with a child's imagination of what the world can look like may be what is needed to effect change and drive innovation.

Join us today!

Volunteer Application


Are you a STEM-related organization interested in collaborating with us to encourage our youth to pursue STEM?
Consider joining us today!
Great minds think alike and together we can contribute to the growth in STEM careers in the US.
RYTT, Inc., provides hands-on STEM-related activities for our youth to ingnite a spark of interest in the STEM fields as a future career choice. We feel collaboration with other organizations whose mission is similar to ours enhances a child's experience.
Send us an email and let us know what is a good time to meet to discuss a possible collaboration with your organization: partner@rytt.org

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