It was wonderful meeting the Builders and parents on September 19th!

I look forward to seeing what they create in this year's Jr. FLL Challenge.

Because of the large group, we divided them into teams.

The teams are:
BLUE: Preston, Zoe, Jillian, Gabrielle, Chelsea
RED: Asiya, Sydney, Nicholas, Aidon
ORANGE: Maurice, Kennedy, Evan, Donovan

Going forward, these groups will work together to research and come up with their model. They will be assigned a recycling theme after this Saturday's meeting to work on.

Please review the information in the orange folder given to each child. It is expected that the Builders bring their folders to each meeting. We will add information to the folders as we move along.

At our October 3rd meeting, we will have a speaker from the City of Atlanta come and talk to us about how Atlanta recycles. I'm excited to have them come out and give the Builders more information about recycling.

Hello Parents and Builders!

Our October 3rd meeting was very informative! The City of Atlanta's Office of Solid Waste Services provided us with two dynamic presenters -- Ms. Karen and Ms. Nicole. They came out and explained to participants what recycling, reducing and reusing was all about. I think we all learned something new in the process, I know I did.

 20151003 121509

The Builders got a chance to play an interactive game where they went through a bag of papers and other items we normally would throw away, and determined which items were recyclable. 

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Ms. Karen and Ms. Nicole gave the Builders some nice items such as a pencil pouch holder, a pencil and pen set made entirely out of recycled material and some handouts regarding what can be recycled and what should not.

Next Meeting 


We will not meet again until October 24th from 12PM to 1:30PM. 

The Builders are ready to build and I hear them! We will begin working on simple machines at our October 24th meeting. I have included some resources to prepare them for this meeting so please go over simple machines with them at your leisure.

I would like for them to be able to identify and give an example of simple machines at our next meeting. This will help them when we begin building the model.

I truly appreciate you all for allowing your Builders to learn more about STEM!